Thursday, 31 May 2012

Let's get this ball rollin'....

Thank you to Asos for repping. Whilst trying to take advantage of their free next day delivery code I came across a vintage company called vv vintage that sells through their marketplace. Low and behold there was a dark skinned black girl with natural hair modelling the clothes. Hallelujah!

I think it is important for everyone to be able to see themselves in the media, and this right here is a rare image. I do not see myself on TV adverts unless it is on the BET channel. So Thank You Asos, I hope others follow suit.


Tuesday, 29 May 2012

I just can't get enough of Obama...


We all like to think that colour doesn't matter but when you have been on the receiving end of racist remarks and been chosen to fill the ethnic diversity of a company/group. It does. It does work both ways, we all saw the token white boy in Cheryl Cole's Voice UK performance but the token black person is everywhere and often not representing 'us'.
Denise from Eastenders, don't even get me started. I mean I'm not usually one for stereotypes but how many black families do you know who don't have a proper Sunday dinner? Rice and peas and a selection of meats was always on the table when my Nan was alive, yet we know nothing of their heritage bar Patrick being Trinidadian, but that is it, no nine nights when someone dies, no carnival. Kim even fears being out smarted by a 13 year old for goodness sake. 
In May's issue of Pride Magazine they had a discussion of the same issues. If black people are not criminals or waste baby fathers in television programmes then they are the complete opposite of the scale and disregarding their heritage. People who do not know any black people will believe what they see in the media. I have seen this awful, unacceptable behaviour towards Muslims who aren't even a race.
Where is the middle ground? Well as much as I don't know a lot about his policies I think Obama is it. Like I have said before when people look at him they see a black man and representing what we can all aspire to be. When I look at the above photo, I see my nephew. 5 years old. the world at his feet and who too would ask the same question albeit in a yamyam accent 'Is your hair the same as mine?' Connoting, can I be like you when I'm older? And my answer to that in the words of Obama 'Yes you can.' 


Just doing me...

Ok, so the last few weeks have been manic. Top 3 things that have had a significant impact on my life. I have gone natural. Started a new job. And TV is golden.

So two weeks ago I decided to go natural, not in the sense of no make up but hair wise. I did a post not so long back with regards to how I've had so many different hairstyles over the years but not one of them was my own. Afro hair is a love it or hate it kind of thing. My white friends love it, well the idea of it. And I have hated it since the back of the comb got hit in my head for not having the will power or the nerve to sit still. Don't worry, it was not abuse, it was just a firm lesson of an old Jamaican saying 'those who don't hear, must feel'. After years of abuse of weaves and hair extensions for the European, Indian, Brazilian look, I've decided to embrace what God gave me in it's kinky, tough and hard to comb form. MY hair.
After my best friend did what the American's call the big chop (essentially cutting ALL of your hair off), reading numerous natural hair blogs, watching what seems like hundred of youtube videos and replaying India.Arie's 'I am not my hair' I felt I was ready. Anyone who knows me knows once I get an idea in my head I run with it, so going natural was just that. An idea I ran with. I have dyed my hair a browny colour and have started rocking it.
Aims of going natural.

1. Grow my edges- I have self diagnosed what seems to be traction alopecia, basically my hair line is effed. And before I pull what everyone calls a Naomi (Campbell) I need to get these back.

2. Learn to nourish it- I need to find out what is best for my hair. At the moment I'm using a Curl Unleased brand by Organic Root Stimulator and whilst I love the smell of the curl defining creme, I'm finding the leave in conditioner to leave my hair more dry than conditioned. I intend to find a natural remedy that suits me. Maybe olive oil and water to start with, I currently use a sulphate free shampoo and I intend to deep condition my hair once a week. Although heat isn't good for it, there is no way I can not blowdry my hair, I do use a heat protector though.

3. Learn to love my hair- I can go down the usual slave references of why us black girls do not embrace and love our hair but that is all a little cliche. I have always wanted long hair, not just for the way it looks but the utter convenience. The only white girls I know who hate washing their hair is because it's curly, times that by about a thousand and you have me. I absolutely hate washing my hair and all that comes with it, but if I find a way to make it a pampering experience I think I may enjoy it. I also need to experiment with hair styles. My hair isnt that long at the moment, I have the majority of it canerowed and leave the rest of it out, I plait it or twist it before bed, sleep with a satin head scarf and just undo them in the morning. I am looking to become more adventurous but so far with the right outfit, make up and earrings. I am good to go.

 For those of you who give a crap about my journey, I will keep you updated with how things are working for me. This is me before the hair dye. I am aiming for Erykah Badu BIG ;)

The new job. I got made redundant from the job I thought was going to be my stepping stone to my career. Life goes on but I was absolutely devastated. I do not warm to people easily but it was like a little family, especially as the weeks went on and the numbers reduced. After getting a drunken lecture off one of the most irresponsible people I know, who is also one of my faves, I decided to fix up. One Tuesday I applied for a job, had a phone interview. Wednesday and Thursday first and second face interviews. Friday, the call that reassured me I would not be living out of my car. Boom. All those people who claim there are no jobs, fix up, look sharp and stop living off my taxes without good cause. It may not be the chosen career path you envisioned but paying my sky bill, filling my belly and of course keeping my beautiful Baby Farquhar (my car) on the road are a higher priority than pride, because last time I checked N Power were not taking my pride as payment for electricity, plus the people at my new job seem alright and there are shitloads of perks. Fingers crossed I enjoy it, especially for the group trip to Frankfurt ;)

TV is definitely golden. I mean living on my own I have what I like to think is all the time in the world to watch TV but I still can't seem to watch everything but I have a few faves that are topping my list. 

Made In Chelsea- I remember the first time I watched this and thought it was utter tripe. I mean TOWIE had us all engaged in the first ever episode but whilst that had gone downhill, MIC has risen from the ashes like a Phoenix ( I watch The Apprentice too). Not only do we all have a ridiculous hatred for the whole Spencer and Louise saga but I just want to cuddle Jamie and let him feed me all the McVities my stomach can handle and tell him the old cliche of plenty more fish in the sea. Each episode gets more and more exciting and Francis and Jamie are a perfect double act. It is the last one next week. Weep. But at least I won't have to look at Kimberley's whiny face anymore. And FYI Kimmy, wearing white doesn't make you appear angelic, we are all God's children and he sees and hears EVERYTHING.

90210- This too was another show you had to keep at, and wow worth the wait. After watching tonight's episode and nearly falling out of my chair in excitement because Max is getting married I can't wait to see how this season ends. And note to Navid- You left, And Silva's been with ALL the men in 90210. Why are you surprised that she bedded one of the most beautiful man on earth. Liam. Yum.
Desperate Housewives- A TV show that is coming to the end of an era and I don't know how I will fill my Sunday nights. I have already read what happens and I can.not.wait. 
Other shows that are currently grasping my attention:

I Just Want My Pants Back.
Once Upon A Time.
Home and Away.
The Apprentice.
Hart Of Dixie.
Vampire Diaries (have only seen season one)
Gossip Girl (on season 4 at the moment and have serious rage towards Vanessa, Juliet and Jenny. Twats)

I am also 9 percent off finishing the last in the trilogy of The Hunger Games, the first one was definitely my favourite and even though at times I feel the same hatred for Katniss as I do for Bella from Twilight, she then does something so courageous that is not only for the sake of her family but for others. Damn her. Now I need to see the movie.

So that's just a few of my ramblings. I intend to take this writing more seriously. A job won't fall into my lap. Now I'm off to make a salad for tomorrow's lunch as the stress of redundancy has had me eating like a pig and the scales are not my friend. Summer body here I come. 

Peace out homies and enjoy the sun whilst it lasts x