Thursday, 31 January 2013

Django Unchained... My thoughts...

According to my friend Hannah, I love slavery. I wrote a 9000 words writing project on it for my dissertation. Have researched from Tubman to Douglass, Equiano to Garrison, Truth to Turner. On my list of favourite books are Toni Morrison's Beloved and Harriet Jacob's Life of a Slave Girl. The old saying of you need to know where you've come from to get where you're going is true and whether I like it or not, slavery is part of my history. 

Sometimes there is a hype, you try not to get on it but curiosity gets the better of you and you get on it anyway. There has been so much talk surrounding Django Unchained, a lot of it praise, some of it controversial but nothing unexpected considering its topic. Slavery. 

So what did I think of the movie?

I loved it, but it wasn't without it's flaws. 

I had a certain expectation because of the topic, but it wasn't what I expected at all. Never in my life did I think I'd laugh at a movie about slavery. I've seen Roots and believe me it is no laughing matter, but Tarantino did something different. He made it a vengeance and love story, that was funny in parts. I won't give too much away just in case you haven't seen it yet but I want to find a man who will literally put his life on the line for me. Django...the D is silent (Jamie Foxx) did this for his wife Broomhilda (Kerry Washington) who had been sold to another plantation, and it was no easy feat. She was Candie's (Leonardo DiCaprio) property and he could do with her as he pleased. Long story short, there was a lot of fighting, I covered my eyes in parts, and the ending was uplifting, although it will probably be the first and last 18 I watch at the cinema. 


Kerry Washington, I may be being biased because I am loving her work at the moment, not only stunning but a great actress, really stepped up since Save the Last Dance.

Jamie Foxx, he is a great actor. I forget he is the same singer in his music videos as he truly makes me believe.

Dr Shultz, the German who took Django under his wing, seeing him as a person not and not his property. Their friendship and his actions are heartwarming.

The N word, this has been the most controversial part of the movie, apparently Tarantino uses it a lot in his films. I would have been offended if he didn't use it. What do people think black people were called back then? It made me wince at times as it is a word I detest and it is always hard to hear, even in songs, but it also sparked an emotion. When questioned Tarantino said I don’t want it to be easy to digest. I want it to be a big, gigantic boulder, a jagged pill and you have no water.”  It certainly was.

Samuel L Jackson, what the Americans call an Uncle Tom character. Dark. Sadistic. Brilliant.

Image courtesy of Wikipedia

Now to the parts I didn't like...

There were dark slaves 'working' in Candie's house. It threw me a bit because with all the self esteem issues I have had with been darker and the many documentaries I have watched, even Tyra has done a show on it, this seemed to contradict what is known about darker skinned slaves working the field. These issues all date back to slavery (the brown paperbag test) that lighter skinned black people were considered 'gentler, kinder, more handsome, smarter, and more delicate'[2] therefore received the better jobs. There was also the black slave dressed in a maids uniform who giggled a lot. Please explain her purpose. 

Rick Ross song??? I nearly fell out my seat. The audience laughed but I think I missed the point. After looking further into this I now know it is called 100 Black Coffins, which does make sense but what this connoted to me was something different entirely. Here I was watching a movie about black people's struggles and sufferings albeit more lighthearted than what I was used to and they were playing a song by a black artist who has a song called 'F**k with your shoes on.' I've probably read too much into it but is this what my ancestors fought for? Dumbfounded. 

The only two things out of a 3 hour film that I didn't like, says a lot. All in all it was an amazing film, one that I will watch again, and again. If you are expecting it to detail an accurate account of how slavery went down, then don't watch. It is a Tarantino movie after all.

So I kind of did give it away, sorry. Have you seen it yet? What are your thoughts?


Wednesday, 30 January 2013

10 things I still do even though I'm an adult...

There are things you do when you are little, things that become habit, things you do hoping it will make a change. The following are all three. My secret, well not so much anymore list of things that I should have grown out of but havent...

1. Avoid cracks in the pavement. The old saying of step on a crack, you break your mother's back was why I used to avoid them but now, I don't know, the superstition stuck.

2. Avoid walking on 1 or 3 slabs/drain covers, if I do cross my fingers.

3. Blow at traffic lights willing them to change to green. If you have seen Corina Corina you know what I mean.

4. Take 3 steps backwards if a black cat crosses my path.

5. Still bagsy/bagsy not/shotgun. This applies to cars, answering doors etc. Whoever says it first does or does not do the thing in question depending on the situation.

6. 'Swear on your Mom's life' by saying this, whatever was initially questioned is now fact!

7. Nap in the afternoon. Not so much now I've left uni and have a full time job but come the weekend I try to squeeze one in. Nothing more refreshing.

8. Guess the advert. Not so much fun now I live on my own but when I was little my Mom, sister and I used to guess the adverts before it showed any branding.

9. Leave the crusts on sandwiches. Not because the curly hair thing, they're just not my favourite.

10. Watch Children's TV. It may not be as good as it used to but I seem to have an obsession with it. At the moment I favour iCarly, Victorious, Good Luck Charlie, and Life with Boys.

So the cat is now out the bag, I genuinely do all these things, more even. Some habit, superstition, obsession others just because I'm a big kid at heart.

Do you happen to do things you should have grown out of?


Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Modern Fashion Icons...

Welcome... Didn't expect to see me so soon? Did you not read yesterday's post? Well I'm here to stay.

Awards season is in full swing and this means one thing.... Dresses.

A perfect chance for me to drool over the amazing hairstyles and arm candy that the women bring as their dates too. So I got to thinking as I scrolled the pages of Daily Mail online (do not judge me) which fashionistas I love. The following ladies are, in my eyes, modern fashion icons. When they dress to impress they make your draw drop, like the Audrey, Grace, Sophia and Elizabeth of our day. 

Jennifer Lopez

Image courtesy of

How is this woman old enough to be my mother? A figure to die for after carrying twins, skin looks as smooth as a baby's bottom, and her hair... swoon. Dressed here in a Zuhair Murad floor length dress at this years Golden Globes. Well done J.Lo. My how she has moved on from the Love Don't Cost a Thing big hooped earring days. 

Jessica Alba 
Image courtesy if
Motherhood certainly agrees with this beauty too. Who remembers Never Been Kissed and Dark Angel? Ok, so the 90s weren't good for anybody but as Jessica climbed up to A List so did her style. This Oscar de la Renta gown compliments her complexion, those diamonds help too. 

Michelle Obama

Image courtesy of
Thrown into the spotlight since her husband became President of the United States in 2008, everyone seems to be watching what his policies are and what this woman is wearing. She oozes charisma and style  for a woman of nearly 50, favouring designers Isabel Toledo, Thakoon and Naeem Khan.

Blake Lively

Image courtesy of
I posted about this beauty yesterday, whether as playing Serena in Gossip Girl or just being herself she knows how to dazzle us with more than that huge rock from Mr Reynolds.

Olivia Palermo

Image courtesy of
She may have an awful personality, you know what I'm talking about if you watched The City, but what she lacks in charm, she makes up for in style. Her beautiful boyfriend Johannes Huebl is a fabulous dresser too. They may be the best dressed couple on the planet.

Lauren Conrad

Image courtesy of
If you hadn't guessed this already, I just LOVE LC. If her personality doesn't win you over, her understated style will do. She has now branched out from the reality star label by creating her own clothing line. It's been nice to watch her go from beach chick to red carpet chic as she has matured from her Laguna Beach days. Looks like she learned a tip a two working at Teen Vogue and People's Revolution.

Victoria Beckham
Image courtesy of
No list would be complete without my one time favourite Spice Girl, Posh. She may rarely smile, but who needs to smile when you have that much money in the bank, a beautiful family and have made a name for yourself as a respectable designer. Go on VB crack one once in a while. She brought the little black dress into the spotlight in the 90s, and is continuing to shine with her amazing line. Her kids are gorgeous too.

Who do you admire?


Monday, 28 January 2013

New Year, Shallow Me...

I am not one for New Years resolutions. I always break them. It gets to the 2nd and I accidentally have junk food. It gets to a Saturday and I'm back to socially smoking after one too many tequilas, so I am not having resolutions, but aims, and my aims for this year are:

To be dead skinny
Write more
Have a wardrobe Serena van der Woodsen would envy

Shallow? Yes, but whilst you read this and judge, I am grateful that those are my only problems. I am in a very glass half full mood.

I am 5' 6" and currently weigh 11 stoneish. Telling you this is probably the most brave thing I have done in a while. I weigh myself everyday. Obsessive? Maybe, but it's how I decide what I am going to eat each day. Whether I am going to go wild and have semi skimmed milk in my coffee, cheese in my mash or if I'm lighter than usual like today, chips and curry sauce for lunch. Then tomorrow when I've put on that extra pound, it's back to trying to be healthy.

I haven't always been like this. I used to eat what I wanted, whenever I wanted. I was also the other side of twenty and played sports. Then university happened. Then 12 stone happened and my clothes didn't fit properly. I refused to get to the stage where spanx became a necessity, so I lost weight, put it back on and finally I knew I needed to fix up. Bootcamp. Lost a stoneish. I now state to my friends that I want to lose another stone, but truth be told, I want to lose a stone and half and be dead skinny, if only I can keep my bottom. A flat bottom has never and will never be in. I am also a bridesmaid for one of my best friends in April and I am getting the dress ordered in a 10. I am currently a size 12. This shit just got serious.

As you can see I am already starting to write more, so last but by no means least. Wardrobe. As soon as I get paid I spend it on bills then clothes. For the last two weeks of the month I'm on the bones of my arse and cheer myself up by scrolling through ebay, asos and Topshop for when the 6th of the month arrives and the vicious cycle of being 25 with very little savings starts again, but for now I wouldn't have it any other way. Some items in my wardrobe are timeless, others, not so much and I constantly need to replenish. I will soon have a Serena (played by Blake Lively) wardrobe.

Just look at her....

Image courtest of
Casual or dressed to the nines, this girl actually makes you green with envy, before the appreciation of her style and beauty takes over. Serena has definitely rubbed off on Blake because she was not this hot in Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants.

Following suit I am now going for classy. The short bodycon skirts are in the drawer and the pencils and midis are out to play, which was very noticeable at the weekend when I went out for drinks. I'm opting for darker shades like navy, maroon, greens, mustards and black, to go with big heels and warm tones on my lips. Yes, I have started wearing lipstick. Below are a few of my recent looks, as you can see my friends are big on the peplum trend, but I just don't have the body for it yet. Just watch this space.


I will be updating you on my progression with my aims....What are yours? 


Sunday, 27 January 2013

Blowout Saturday...

If you don't know, get to know. I am now rocking my natural hair, eight months and counting. To people of other races who think it's not a big deal... NEWSFLASH... It is... Next time you're out and about have a look at how many black women have hair that is their own, and if so, not chemically straightened, then you will come closer to understanding what a big deal it was for me to go natural.

I try not to use heat on my hair that often after all I have researched on blogs and LC's book but occasionally just to treat myself and to do a length check, I blowout my hair. I use texture my way, naturally straight as a heat protectant and for me this is a really good motivator when you get to the stage that you think your hair is not growing. The front of my hair is a little bit shorter as I had relaxed a section to cover my weave about 9 months ago and have been gradually clipping away at the ends. I have also dyed a section in the front red as I fancied a change.

There was a time I couldn't get my hair back in a bobble, so to anyone who has been struggling with their natural hair journey. I promise it gets better.


An old love... The Hills

I have rediscovered an old love.... The Hills and with that comes Lauren Conrad....

I have been watching the latest season of 'Celebrity' Big Brother and have been engrossed with the rest of the nation as I have watched the ridiculous antics of Heidi and Spencer aka Speidi. He hasn't changed one bit, but Heidi has turned into the girl Lauren feared and knew she would become. Spencer's lapdog. Yes, I know some of The Hills episodes were scripted to a degree, but no amount of money in the world would make me act like a complete and utter Pratt. So, after having Speidi thrown back in my face after a few years absence, I decided to revisit one of my favourite reality shows of all time. 

It just so happens that MTV played random episodes last weekend, and I had borrowed season three from my friend, so I began watching and fell in love with it all over again, and of course Lauren Conrad. 
LC is what all us girls aspire to be, pretty, smart, friends with everyone, dresses well and has the best one liners. You all know that the forgive and forget you line is engraved in your memory. All the reasons why Heidi begged for three seasons to be back in her circle.  The Hills wasn't the same when she left but I have been following her since. Her activities since leaving cater to my shallow needs. The chick lit, the beauty books, the blog. So far I have done her five day vegan detox, use a sulphate free shampoo and concealer has become my best friend. I have a wedding in a few months and that book is sure to get me the look I am going for, like I said it caters to my shallow needs. Payday is looming and I will have to invest in season four as I have The Hills fever all over again. 

Reasons why I love The Hills

Lauren and Whitney... They are dead cute, and I like to think me and my friend Rachel are the English versions of them
Justin Bobby... How a boy who looks like he barely washes is that attractive I do not know but he is beautiful
Heidi and Spencer... It was at times cringy to watch how Heidi begged after Lauren's friendship especially as most of this was done behind Spencer's back but made for great television. And he, well, I don't have all the time in the world to rant about him but I will use two words to describe him. Nuts. Possessive.
The one liners... The most memorable lines for me were of course said by Lauren. The list is as long as my arm but here are my ultimate faves... 
"I wanna forgive you... and i wanna forget you!"
"The only thing worse than Spencer is a girl version of Spencer. Because at the end of the day, a guy can't hit a girl...but a girl can hit a girl."
"Whitney come here, I just met a cute guy, tell me if hes cute cause I'm drunk."
"If I've learned one thing it's like everyone and trust no-one"
"So he returns your calls, which Justin didn't. He likes to kiss, which Justin didn't. He bathes, which Justin didn't. UPGRADE!"
"Homeboy wore combat boots to the beach, I know you don't want to call that your boyfriend."
"Hey's tough... get a helmet!!"

What are your faves lines, episodes and characters?


Thursday, 24 January 2013


Anyone who knows me knows I am an advertisers dream. From TV shows to products to apps, I will usually succumb to buying into a product. And the latest thing I am now on a hype on is.....

Instagram (if my witty play on words title didn't give it away)

I don't take a lot of photos usually, I'm over the digital camera hype, but now I'm on the iPhone hype and getting to know the ins and outs of my favourite phone to date, I have started to use Instagram. I just love how you can manipulate pictures. This will hopefully get rid of the bad drunken photos I'm prone to taking after 1 Jager too many.

Whilst I am still figuring out how to use it properly as I currently only follow friends and @womaninthejungle, a natural hair blogger, I am having tremendous fun. Now to go hunt for celebs. First find Kardashians and RiRi.

Below are a few of my fave pics that I have taken.

Who else is on the hype? Follow me @rochelledionne87


Am I Sheldon Cooper?

Lately there seems to be a running joke in work that I am Sheldon Cooper.
It's not that I possess a high IQ or the vocabulary of a genius, or even that I am into comics or Star Wars/Trek. It just so happens that I struggle to understand sarcasm.

I know the definition of course, and do not seem to struggle with the concept outside of the office, but when I am in work with people I am still getting to know it becomes difficult. I always ask the same question Sheldon does 'was that sarcasm?' If the answer was a resounded YES, then I wouldn't have to ask if their bitter gibes were in fact truth or shit banter...

Surely I am not the only one with this issue?