Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Spotlight... Janelle Monae

This Black Natural Haired beauty has been my hair crush for a while but now she has been bumped up to girl crush. You know we all have them right?

Janelle Monae is not just musically talented she has her own style and OWNS IT. Not converting to the norm is just one of the reasons why I have decided to put Janelle in the spotlight. Swoon.

Monday, 15 April 2013

Busy busy bee

It appears I have been off the radar for around 6 weeks and it's because my life has literally been non stop.

What have I been up to?

Promotion at work
One of my besties swan weekend (we are more classier than hens)
The wedding
My little Bubz turned 6

I have had today off work just to catch up with life and the TV I have missed.

So apologies but I'm back now.



Thursday, 28 February 2013

Because of them, we can!

Like the British have a celebration of Black History dedicated to the month of October, the US celebrate theirs in February. The last 28 days have been a reflection on where they have come from to continue to get where they are going.

Americans seem to celebrate this more than us, I assume because so much of their history is in one place, where as a lot of black british people are of 1st and 2nd generation, myself included. Whilst trailing the internet I came across this poignant post that included images of children imitating black figures who have made a difference. Most I know from researching black history in my spare time, others I have since looked further in to. Below are some of the images taken from becauseofthemwecan.com.

I will definitely show these to my nephew as he gets older as a reminder that he can do anything he puts his mind to.

The Martin Luther and Harriet Tubman ones (there are more on their site) are my favourite, it may be bias as I have studied them the most. I did happen to read a negative comment online about the Kerry Washington image though, it stated that she hasn't done enough to earn her stripes so to speak. Being the star of Scandal makes her the first black female lead in a US primetime show in 38 years. Yes you read right YEARS, so I personally think she deserves to be in there too. The little things make these big changes.

Moving aren't they?


Thursday, 14 February 2013

And now the BBC have noticed...

Some may be doing it for fashion but my hairline didn't really give me a choice, nine months on and I'm still willing it to grow back whilst learning to love and manage my hair in its natural state. Even the BBC are on this natural hair flex now... check out this short video about the natural hair revival for black women. 


Let's play a game...

My friends and I usually play this game... If you were on deathrow, what would your last meal/s be? I get this sounds sinister but remember it is just a game and just an excuse to shout about our favourite meals. This works on the premise that on deathrow you can order whatever you want. Here's my list...

Ackee & saltfish, festivals, plantain
Mushrooms, goats cheese, balsamic vinegar, rocket 
Hot pepper prawns
Bacon and egg sandwich

Curry goat, fried chicken, fried snapper, salad, roast potatoes, veg, rice & peas  (yes all together, hold, yard style)
Fajitas (steak, chicken, prawn, I love me some fajitas)
Lasagne, salad and garlic bread (my moms is the best)
Spare ribs in BBQ sauce with fried rice and banana fritters
Omelette (cheese, sweetcorn, chicken, mushrooms, onions and peppers)

Sticky toffee pudding and ice cream
Jamaican spiced bun and cheese 
Apple crumble/pie/strudel 
Vanilla Cheesecake
Melt in the middle chocolate pudding

Fun isn't it? I've whittled my list to five in each category and to wash it down Guinness punch, ginger beer, grape or pineapple KA or apple juice.

What would be on your list?   


Wednesday, 13 February 2013

My First Time... At Blackpool Pleasure Beach

I have been to the capital of hen and stag dos many times. University friends live there so I have made numerous visits, but of all the trips I have taken up north I have never had the chance to go to the pleasure beach. So this was my first time. Excitement. Nerves. Excitement.

I dislike rides. I really do. The stomach in your mouth feeling you get when you drop at what feels like the speed of light is nearly enough to make me sick. The moment I get of though. I get an amazing buzz, plus there were small children who barely hit the height line and were going for it. When in Rome.

After going on most of the rides, The Big One aka Pepsi Max being the worst stomach churner, I stuffed my face with an unnecessary amount of food and rock before heading to what can only described as one of the most heart racing moments of my life. Pasaje Del Terror. I hate the dark. So being in the dark, being chased by all the scary characters from movies I have avoided because they are scary had me so close to peeing my pants as I didn't know what was coming next. I may have taken the when in Rome saying a bit too far.

Then onto the arcade, where my friends and I spent quite a bit of money winning tickets to exchange for Spongebob mugs. 

That was my weekend. My aim of being dead skinny is getting further away as I have yet to weigh myself in 5 days which is breaking the norm for me. I will do tomorrow though. Two months and counting until the wedding and I want to look amazing in my bridesmaid dress, I am refusing to eat out at work and I am also giving up fizzy drinks for lent.

How was your weekend? Have you had any firsts lately? What have you given up anything for lent?


Spotlight... Solange Knowles

Often in her sister's shadow, it is now time for Solo to finally have her day in the spotlight. I just love everything about her. Her quirky style, her laid back attitude and the fact she has been reppin' natural hair before I started embracing it also has me rooting for her. Even her protective weave/lace front styles have volume. She really has come into her own. 

Image courtesy http://styleblazer.com
Dressed to impress: Solange Knowles attended the Beyonce: Life Is But A Dream screening in New York on Tuesday
Pins to die for as she wears this white shirt, trouserless. Werk!

Hey DJ, can you play that sound? Solange also took to the decks to DJ at the bash

Going dotty: Solange Knowles looked stylish in a patterned trouser suit as she attended a Delta Airlines event celebrating the Los Angeles music industry on Thursday night

Going green: Florence Welch wore a custom made floor length green dress, while Solange Knowles also sported an emerald floor length number
If I were to imagine this combo in my head, green sequinned dress with a split, paired with orange heels, it would not look like this. Flawless!

Radiant beauties: Beyonce's sister Solange tweeted this picture of herself and her sister looking glamorous at the Roc Nation Pre-Grammys Brunch on Saturday

These shots are just from the past two weeks, as it is award season Solo is getting column inches. Hasn't she blossomed?