Thursday, 28 February 2013

Because of them, we can!

Like the British have a celebration of Black History dedicated to the month of October, the US celebrate theirs in February. The last 28 days have been a reflection on where they have come from to continue to get where they are going.

Americans seem to celebrate this more than us, I assume because so much of their history is in one place, where as a lot of black british people are of 1st and 2nd generation, myself included. Whilst trailing the internet I came across this poignant post that included images of children imitating black figures who have made a difference. Most I know from researching black history in my spare time, others I have since looked further in to. Below are some of the images taken from

I will definitely show these to my nephew as he gets older as a reminder that he can do anything he puts his mind to.

The Martin Luther and Harriet Tubman ones (there are more on their site) are my favourite, it may be bias as I have studied them the most. I did happen to read a negative comment online about the Kerry Washington image though, it stated that she hasn't done enough to earn her stripes so to speak. Being the star of Scandal makes her the first black female lead in a US primetime show in 38 years. Yes you read right YEARS, so I personally think she deserves to be in there too. The little things make these big changes.

Moving aren't they?


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