Monday, 4 February 2013

Another week, another pound...

Happy Monday, just a short post to keep you in the loop. I have decided I will try and post at the beginning of every week to inform you of my dietary efforts. By the title you can see it hasn't gone too well.

I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend, mine has been ridiculously busy but delightful. Cocktails, food and laughter. I went to Blackpool to celebrate a year since the birth of our little mascot, the first child from my uni group of friends. Xavier. I cannot believe he is one and I cannot wait to witness many more of his special days.

 Photo: 6 years and a baby later ... Time flies!

With a birthday there comes cake and when the weekend arrives I lose willpower, add a weekend away and I figuratively see my Monday to Friday diet fly out the window. It is now Monday, the scales are no longer my friend and I feel dirty. The kind of dirt you feel after eating a McDonald's. It may taste good at the time, but you can't shake that feeling for at least 24 hours later. This week I intend to cleanse. 

Good news though, the size ten bridesmaid dress fits, not quite like a glove, but I'm in there at least and so the diet continues...


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