Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Spotlight... Blake Lively

This beauty is my not so new girl crush Blake Lively. Looking oh so chic in this cream and chocolate get up, it is so nice to see a celebrity dressed weather appropriate for a change. 

If this outfit is not enough, she also made a funny comment after seeing the magnificent Beyonc√© perform at the Superbowl. To quote 'I just want Beyonc√© to be the mother of my children. She was amazing! I can't, I can't even. I don't even have words for her.' It is comments like this that have me in awe, the fame and lifestyle she has and she still gets on a hype over a celebrity, I too make flippant comments like this and also love Bey that much, so I'm with you on that one Blake.

Fashion fiend: The Gossip Girl star matched everything perfectly in her chocolate leggings and cream jumperSuper co-ordinated: Blake Lively shows off her perfect style in a variety of browns and creams in New York

How cute is this outfit?


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