Sunday, 27 January 2013

An old love... The Hills

I have rediscovered an old love.... The Hills and with that comes Lauren Conrad....

I have been watching the latest season of 'Celebrity' Big Brother and have been engrossed with the rest of the nation as I have watched the ridiculous antics of Heidi and Spencer aka Speidi. He hasn't changed one bit, but Heidi has turned into the girl Lauren feared and knew she would become. Spencer's lapdog. Yes, I know some of The Hills episodes were scripted to a degree, but no amount of money in the world would make me act like a complete and utter Pratt. So, after having Speidi thrown back in my face after a few years absence, I decided to revisit one of my favourite reality shows of all time. 

It just so happens that MTV played random episodes last weekend, and I had borrowed season three from my friend, so I began watching and fell in love with it all over again, and of course Lauren Conrad. 
LC is what all us girls aspire to be, pretty, smart, friends with everyone, dresses well and has the best one liners. You all know that the forgive and forget you line is engraved in your memory. All the reasons why Heidi begged for three seasons to be back in her circle.  The Hills wasn't the same when she left but I have been following her since. Her activities since leaving cater to my shallow needs. The chick lit, the beauty books, the blog. So far I have done her five day vegan detox, use a sulphate free shampoo and concealer has become my best friend. I have a wedding in a few months and that book is sure to get me the look I am going for, like I said it caters to my shallow needs. Payday is looming and I will have to invest in season four as I have The Hills fever all over again. 

Reasons why I love The Hills

Lauren and Whitney... They are dead cute, and I like to think me and my friend Rachel are the English versions of them
Justin Bobby... How a boy who looks like he barely washes is that attractive I do not know but he is beautiful
Heidi and Spencer... It was at times cringy to watch how Heidi begged after Lauren's friendship especially as most of this was done behind Spencer's back but made for great television. And he, well, I don't have all the time in the world to rant about him but I will use two words to describe him. Nuts. Possessive.
The one liners... The most memorable lines for me were of course said by Lauren. The list is as long as my arm but here are my ultimate faves... 
"I wanna forgive you... and i wanna forget you!"
"The only thing worse than Spencer is a girl version of Spencer. Because at the end of the day, a guy can't hit a girl...but a girl can hit a girl."
"Whitney come here, I just met a cute guy, tell me if hes cute cause I'm drunk."
"If I've learned one thing it's like everyone and trust no-one"
"So he returns your calls, which Justin didn't. He likes to kiss, which Justin didn't. He bathes, which Justin didn't. UPGRADE!"
"Homeboy wore combat boots to the beach, I know you don't want to call that your boyfriend."
"Hey's tough... get a helmet!!"

What are your faves lines, episodes and characters?


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