Tuesday, 29 May 2012

I just can't get enough of Obama...


We all like to think that colour doesn't matter but when you have been on the receiving end of racist remarks and been chosen to fill the ethnic diversity of a company/group. It does. It does work both ways, we all saw the token white boy in Cheryl Cole's Voice UK performance but the token black person is everywhere and often not representing 'us'.
Denise from Eastenders, don't even get me started. I mean I'm not usually one for stereotypes but how many black families do you know who don't have a proper Sunday dinner? Rice and peas and a selection of meats was always on the table when my Nan was alive, yet we know nothing of their heritage bar Patrick being Trinidadian, but that is it, no nine nights when someone dies, no carnival. Kim even fears being out smarted by a 13 year old for goodness sake. 
In May's issue of Pride Magazine they had a discussion of the same issues. If black people are not criminals or waste baby fathers in television programmes then they are the complete opposite of the scale and disregarding their heritage. People who do not know any black people will believe what they see in the media. I have seen this awful, unacceptable behaviour towards Muslims who aren't even a race.
Where is the middle ground? Well as much as I don't know a lot about his policies I think Obama is it. Like I have said before when people look at him they see a black man and representing what we can all aspire to be. When I look at the above photo, I see my nephew. 5 years old. the world at his feet and who too would ask the same question albeit in a yamyam accent 'Is your hair the same as mine?' Connoting, can I be like you when I'm older? And my answer to that in the words of Obama 'Yes you can.' 


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