Tuesday, 25 September 2012

It has been a while...

I haven't written anything for a while, not on here anyway, I mean it's a new season (not that we saw much of a Summer) but the rain is well and truly pouring, flood warnings for some, and it is dark before the soaps start. The reasons for my lack of writing as petty as this may be to read are I have the slowest laptop in the world, that needs to be plugged in at all times and also blogspot was going on with shreggry (messed up). It was not allowing me to post, I tried, believe me, but no such luck. So here I go again, trying. Fingers crossed. (I have now figured it will not post with pictures so until blogspot sort this, it will have to be old skool I'm afraid)

So what's new?

Well I have yet to blog about the Olympics, Jamaican Independence, Manchester Carnival or my general musings so will give a quick run down.

Olympics- I felt proud to be British and of Jamaican heritage... didn't we do well ay? I also can't get the song that was on the Paralympic adverts out of my head.

Independence- The weekend of independence I went to a Morgan Heritage, Etana and Gyptian concert in Birmingham. It's what us youngsters call a 'big people dance' where although there are people my age there, it is mainly attended by? You guessed it, big people of our parents age. I wore my hair out, rocked that Jamaican pride and partied until the early hours.

Manchester Carnival- I had my Bubz (nephew), best friend and her two girls up for nearly a week. We missed the parade, of course I am only used to getting myself ready so it was a bit of a challenge. We all had fun, ate far too much and the kids got to go on a few rides. I also noticed my Bubz had his first wobbly tooth (it has since come out and the others are on their way.)

So that is really the jist of my Summer. I WILL be writing more often in furture.


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