Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Bank Holiday Weekend...

So I hope everyone had a great Bank Holiday, mine was enjoyable but packed.

First stop Chester. Chester is where I went to uni and had the best years of my life so what better way to celebrate one of us flying the nest so to speak than where it all began. One of my closest friends is moving to New York in a matter of days for love, I vommed as I wrote this, but the cliche of if she's happy I'm happy comes to mind.
After the clock hit 5pm on Friday, I figuratively flew out the door to get myself prepped. I waited for one of the surprises we had in store. The ginge had come all the way from London, took her six hours which we didnt hear the end of, to see H off, and best of all, H was genuinely in shock, tears and everything.
We went to the Bouverie, a little pub where we all used to drink as students only to find there is now a children's play area and the wine has gone up four quid a bottle which I assume is to pay for this annoying contraption. Still, a tenner for wine is not to be scoffed at and it went down a treat and so did the greasy burger and chips afterwards, also another tradition. Drunken chats about how in our group we have a token ginge, lesbian and black (we could make our very own teen movie) before five of us slept in the same room, I had the sense to shotgun the bed.

Next stop Wales. All week I had plotted with H's Mom to go to her home for a little tea party, where some of her fave people would be. Cue us all to stuff our faces with personalised cakes and party food goodies, gulp wine spritzers and cider. We had also planned to go to the beach, living in this country for twenty four years should have already taught me, never to plan around English weather. A good time was had by all and there is one surprise left for H if it gets here on time. If not we may have to pool all our funds together to post it, a first class stamp costs 60p nowadays so I dread to think the cost of airmail.


Next stop West Midlands, where I am originally from and I couldn't have a four day weekend without a trip home. Sunday consisted of dinner round my friend's Granddad's house and babysitting whilst she went to the gym, the invite was extended but I couldn't miss The Apprentice finale. Well Done Ricky. 

I spent most of Monday lying down before heading to my sister's house to see her and my nephew who I call Bubz and his friend, also like having another nephew. After playing hide and seek and finding them pretty easily I was instructed to build a cardboard digger thing Bubz received as a gift for his birthday. It took half an hour and grasped their attention for five minutes, I recall the same thing happening with a lego police car a month back, but five minutes of silence is bliss. I then found myself hiding under a duvet in my nephew's room for half an hour and listened to them come to the conclusion that I had walked to Tesco as they couldn't find me and Baby Farquhar was still on the drive.

The next day we went to Crystal Leisure Centre, five kids, six adults, two bus rides later led us to the pool of dreams, or sick as Bubz swallowed water and coughed up his chips. Slyly moved away and pretended nothing ever happend. All those wondering about my hair getting wet, don't be silly, I wore a swimming cap and there were a few other black girls who had the sense to do the same.Waves, rapids, slides but it just wasn't as good as I remembered, the kids loved it though.


The end of my bank holiday over, so next stop Manchester. I needed to get back to watch 90210 on plus one before getting settled for work today. Still liking the new job, slowly absorbing the information and hope I grasp all systems as soon as possible just so my poor brain gets a rest.

Oh and some of you may have noticed that I didn't even mention the reason why we had the extra day off in the first place. I was too busy rushing around to watch any of the jubilee celebrations on TV but 60 years on the throne, congrats Liz. Also in the pipeline, Jamaica's 50th year of independence, and I turn a quarter of a century. 2012. BIG year!

P.s. I finished the Hunger Games. Disappointed with the last 2 percent, a bit of an anti climax as it skipped to the future with no warning. I have just downloaded The Facebook Killer- Part 3. The other two had me gripped so I am looking forward to it and also a little scared.

Happy June.


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