Wednesday, 4 July 2012

My favourite month of the year...

July. You get vexed when it rains as it's meant to be sunny, but come on it's England no shock but still a disappointment. The month of my best friend, my own and of course my twins birthday, which means time to go shopping.

In two days it is payday. I mean I have never been so eager for a day to reach in my life, ok that's a lie, but I checked this months credit card bill and have now come to terms it is not my own money. After all the bills go out and I pay for an engineer to come and sort the Sky box so I don't miss anymore of the Kardashians (of course the communal dish is the bane of my life), I will need to look for a birthday outfit.

I have been admiring some of Jones and Jones dresses. These are my two favourites so far. I did have a longer list but whilst I've been waiting for this pay day someone else is in them.

Image 1 

If I can't find anything I may go for the safe option of a crop top and a bodycon or skater skirt, I have two and a half weeks to find an outfit and I'm starting to panic. Will let you know what I decide.

After the birthday celebrations which consist of a night out on the Friday, a meal on the Saturday and on my actual birthday on the Sunday going to a spa. I actually cannot wait. I intend to go to the beach, maybe Blackpool or somewhere just as close with my sister, my bestie and their kids.

My fave little people in the world.     My twin, me, and the bestie as kids.

So thats's my favourite month sorted. Of course I will be working too, and I intend to read 50 shades of Grey at some point, just to see if it is worth the hype as my facebook news feed has been inundated with it.

Happy Hump Day


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