Sunday, 15 July 2012

This weeks pick... TV

I said I would only write about a programme I regularly watch if it had an exceptional episode and this weeks episode was just that.

This weeks pick.

 Once Upon A Time. Sunday 8th July 2012, Channel 5.

I currently write this as I watch this weeks episode, but I have to write about last Sunday,s which for me who has not moved from my bed all day still feels it classes as this week. This is the 15th episode into the first season and I have literally no idea where it is going. Each week gives you an insight into one character and their life in the fairytale world and the 'real' world of Storybrook. This week was little Red Riding Hood's turn and the story was not how it was told in the books. In fact it was she who turned out to be the wolf and it was her red cloak that stopped her from turning into the beast. AMAZING twist, I actually didn't see it coming, and neither did she. She assumed that it was her boyfried who was the wolf, so tied him up to stop him from hurting anyone. Big mistake. She killed him and then had no recollection of it once her Grandma of put the cloak back on her. Where the writers dream this up from I do not know but genius.

In Storybrook, it was the continuation of the Kathryn being missing storyline. David, her husband (Prince Charming) is accused of playing a part in her disappearance until Ruby (Red Riding Hood) finds a heart buried in a jewellery box which Mary-Margaret's (Snow White) finger prints. Another shock, as we all know she is being set up but not by who, the Mayor (the evil Queen) is more than likely behind it though.

Like I said I don't know where this is going, or how many seasons they can drag it out for as there are only so many fairytale stories. They couldn't actually start making stories up because the reason this works so well is that we all remember the stories we were told when we were little. They may have manipulated them a bit but the basics are still there. I can't wait to see where it ends.

Have a blessed Sunday.


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