Sunday, 8 July 2012

My natural hair journey so far...

Ok, so it has been about 7 weeks since I made the big decision of going natural- ish with my hair. By ish I mean I have dyed it and I am still waiting for the small relaxed section at the front of my hair to grow out. I had used it to cover my middle parting weave.

I have to admit, it has been a little difficult. I'm trying to go for protective styles, whilst trying to rock hair I've always kept under wraps. My aims are to keep it moisturised and to get some growth. I have noticed tghat my edges are growing back, slowly but getting there so whenever I begin to doubt myself (usually on wash day) I remember that I am doing it for a reason. 

With regards to moisture, I try to deep condition the hair that is left out once a week, as it gets a lot dryer, and take out the protective canerows I have at the back every two weeks to condition them. I'm using coconut oil at the moment, but find it works better if I mix it with my hair oil (grease). I bought a spray bottle the other day, and decided to start mixing my own potions. I mixed extra virgin olive oil, cocunut oil, almond oil, a drop of tea tree and the rest with water I had boiled and let cool. So far so god but it has only veen two days. Thinking to use this 3 times a week and see what effect I get. I am also going to try olive oil, aloe vera, rosemary and a bit of water in one. And will have to research for some others. I have discovered a great blog that gives a lot of information and advice, but what works for one may not work for others so will need to find what suits me. I also try to wash my hair when I know I have nowhere to be, I had got too used to my hairdryer being my best friend. Now I dab the excess water out with a towel. Moisturise my hair and do twists all over. Usually by the morning they're try and I'm free to do whatever with it. I do get a bit of shrinkage, but I'm hoping the long term pros outweigh the short term cons.

I cannot wait for my hair to get longer, at times I get hair envy like you wouldn't believe. I just want to be able to do more with it.

Any ideas on what to do with all my hair when it is not canerowed, I will gladly appreciate. As I can't canerow I have to rely on when others are available to do it. Here's some of the styles I've been rocking at the moment. 

The fro.
This is the result of washing my hair then keeping it under a satin bonnet in twists for two days. The twist out look doesn't suit me so I combed it out a bit with the widest tooth comb I own.

The protective styling.
Since I've been wearing it natural, I have kept the back canerowed to make it easier to manage. It also means I don't constantly have to comb it and it retains moisture better. I need to figure out other protective styles for when I'm unable to get it canerowed, and to change up the look a bit.

The bendy rollers.
I tried to imitate a look I saw on youtube doing chiney bumps but I didn't have the girls length or texture and it didn't look good, so I thought I'd try using the bendy rollers I bought when I used to curl my weave. I enjoyed the result, but when I tried it the second time it didn't look the same, I now know leave them in as long as ossible for the best result. Remember I said there is a small section (about an inch wide and two inches deep) at the front that I am waiting for the relaxer to grow out of, and this part curls really well, not sure how this style will look once it has outgrown.

The frohawk-ish.
The reason I put ish is because the back is still canerowed. I will soon rock this from front to back and use kirby grips to keep it in place. I achieve this look by combing out the above bendy rollers look.

The partial twist out.
When I twist my hair all over and undo them it doesn't seem to have this same look. When I twist just a section  using Organic Root Stimulator Curl Defining Creme and undo them in the morning, I get a look I can work with.

The safe option.
If I do not twist my hair of an evening I will usually do chunky plaits and sleep in a satin bonnet. This is for when I can't be bothered. I call it the safe option as it is easy to do and looks simple too. I comb my hair out and use kirby grips to pin it back. I try to tuck the ends of my hair in as they tend to get the most dry.

So this is my hair journey so far, I'm now off to trail the internet for some more styles but I tend to find they are either for people who have done the big chop and have teeny weeny afros or people who have Erykah Badu length hair with gorgeous curls (hair envy again). Nothing for mine that seems to be just in the middle and nappy thick. Wish me luck.

Have a blessed Sunday.


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