Sunday, 15 July 2012

This weeks pick... Internet site

For my friends and readers you may know it is my birthday coming up. One week today to be precise. One word to describe how I am feeling. Excited. The downside to all this hype is finding an outfit to wear. I was considering a Jones & Jones dress as stated in a previous post, but after reading reviews, it states they are small fitting and I am not having a thin summer. So I have literally been looking for weeks and whilst I await for my skirt to arrive from River Island I am still looking around. Cute isn't it? Here's hoping it fits and otherwise I will be a mess. I have until Friday, meaning the window for delivery is closing.


Anyway, as much as I love this skirt, River Island is not this weeks pick. Certainly not. They do not offer free delivery, no matter how much you spend. Asos do even if you spend a pound. Their delivery can take up to a week, and I received a dispatch email two days after it had actually been dispatched. I am not in receipt of the skirt yet as they attempted it to my work address yesterday (Saturday) even though there was a note stating I would only be available at the address Monday- Friday 9-5. Stressed.

So this weeks pick will have to go to.... Ebay.

Such a simple concept of buying and selling your unwanted things, and I have picked up two bargains this week.

I am unable to get pictures but I bought some gold plated triangle shaped earrings (new of course) which were £2.99 with free delivery on the buy it now option and a floral Topsop bodycon skirt that I bidded for and won at £3.20, delivery for £2.00. Bargain. I always like to leave the sellers feedback as they usually leave it you in return and now I have added a new item for my wardrobe. Any clothes sites that people can recommend, go ahead.

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